Let your customers help grow your business

With our easy Cardivo gift card integration, your existing customers can buy beautiful digital gift cards for their friends and family, which can then be redeemed on your Paythen plan pages, bringing you additional revenue and new customers.

Encourage your customers to give a more meaningful gift to people they care about. They already like your business, now let them share it.

Unlike a Visa gift card, the recipient can only use the gift card at your business. You get a new customer, and get paid for it.


How it works

Cardivo is designed to be simple, yet powerful – with no code or technical know-how needed. It’s easy for you to set up and even easier for your customers to buy your gift cards for their friends and family.

Configure a few settings and get your branded gift card link, like this example in under 5 minutes. Share this with your customers wherever they are, or add it to your site.

Customers buy a digital gift card for their friends and family for a date they choose. They then get a beautiful email with their gift card and a 24 x 7 self-serve page.

You get the gift card payment immediately and the recipient redeems it when they’re ready, for your products and services. So you get paid + you get a new customer.

No extra admin,
just more sales

With self-serve links like this one generated for each gift card (just like customer links in Paythen), your gift card customers can see their balance, expiry dates, transactions, and other details 24 x 7 without using up your valuable time for support.

Everything in the process from the purchase, scheduling, emails, gift card management, redemption, receipts, and more is handled automatically.

Easy to redeem
for any Paythen plan

With a few clicks, enable gift card redemptions on your Paythen plan pages. This works across all Paythen plan types and automatically adjusts customer payment schedules and amounts when a gift card is used. Customers just pay any remaining balance.​

Customer plans
adapt automatically

When customers sign up to one of your plans using a gift card, the dates and amounts dynamically adjust to apply the gift card value. Customers just need to apply their gift card, enter their payment info to cover remaining payments and we handle the rest.

Once their gift card balance is used, they are automatically charged for part or full remaining installments. This is all visible to them and you via their customer page.

Seamlessly work together to help you sell more

While Cardivo also works independently of Paythen, it is designed to perfectly work with your Paythen plans and dashboard. Your customers redeem gift cards on your Paythen plan pages like this, and you see all relevant data directly in your Paythen dashboard.

Try Cardivo now. No credit card needed.

Increase sales with
easy digital gift cards

Takes less than 5 minutes to start. No credit card needed.

We’ll ask you to connect your Stripe account or create a new one when you sign up. Cardivo uses Stripe for payment processing.