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We’re constantly improving Paythen to make it more useful for you. We highlight recently released features and updates below. If you’re looking for something specific, ask us via the chat icon.

  • 07 July 2022

    New payment fields + improved Apple Pay, GPay, Alipay and iDEAL support

    We’ve released a big new update to the payment fields for all plan types in Paythen – these look slightly different but have huge changes behind the scenes that will allow us to bring you new localised payment methods faster and more securely. You’ll notice the payment fields look and are slightly different vs. before. The card number, cvv and expiry date fields are now separated – and a new country field will show on all plans – this country filled is used by Stripe for additional verification to combat fraud and reduce instances of failed payments. This will automatically detect your customer’s country and be pre-filled.

    • Google Pay, Apple Pay are now available for all plan and payment types – previously they were only available for one-time payments. They also work with or without custom fields, giving your customers more options.
    • Alipay is now available for eligible one-time payments
    • iDEAL (popular in the Netherlands) is now available and will automatically display for eligible customers for one-time payments

    The new payment fields also dynamically adjust to show the payment methods most likely to convert based on a customer’s location, browser and many other factors – this is based on the billions of transactions Stripe has analysed and processed so far.

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  • 13 July 2021

    Discount codes now available

    Discount codes (coupon codes) have been one of the most requested features in Paythen. We’re excited to launch discount codes for all plan types in Paythen. As with anything else in Paythen, discount codes are super easy to create, manage and use. Try them out now in your Paythen dashboard or read more about how to set them up and how they work across different plans here.

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  • 17 June 2021

    Zapier integration

    Supercharge your workflow by sending Paythen data to over 3,000 apps with Zapier – including Slack, Gmail, Google Sheets & more. Our Zapier app is currently in an open beta. You won’t see it in the Zapier app list but you can add it to your Zapier account via this link.

    Read more about some popular workflows and integrations here.

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  • 16 June 2021

    3x faster admin page load times

    If you have plans with hundreds or thousands of customers, or just have a lot of customers, loading the plans and customers pages could take a little while…

    We’ve completely re-worked how these are displayed so they load way faster than before – with the difference noticeable if you open the plans page, the customers page, or plan reports with 200+ customers. We’re constantly optimising Paythen under the hood to make things faster and better for you and your customers.

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  • 04 May 2021

    Improved payment descriptions in Stripe

    Many customers use their Stripe accounts to run advanced reports and other automations. We’ve improved the description we pass into your Stripe account for each payment. This now includes a unique plan ID which never changes for each plan. You’ll see a unique ID like this: project_management_fundamentals_3ydwf2addx_plan This is automatically generated by Paythen when you create a new plan and never changes. This makes it easier to identify payments for specific plans in your Stripe dashboard.

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  • 08 April 2021

    Zapier app in invite-only

    Our Zapier app is now available on request and will let you send Paythen customer data into all your other systems – from your CRM, to Google Sheets and lots more. It’s currently in an open beta – which means anyone can use it but you won’t be able to see it in the Zapier app store yet (that’s coming soon too).

    If you’d like access to our Zapier app now, just email hello@paythen.co or let us know via the chat icon below and we’ll send you a link with access.

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  • 15 March 2021

    Improved Apple Pay & Google Pay support

    Paythen now supports a better, easier Apple Pay & Google Pay experience for your customers. You just need to switch Apple Pay to “On” in your Paythen settings, and no action is needed for Google Pay. Your customers will see the Apple Pay or Google Pay buttons for one-time payments (support for recurring plans is coming soon) automatically when they’re on a device that supports it. Read more about how it works here.

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  • 01 March 2021

    Automated failed payment notifications

    Scheduled payments can often fail – new cards, expired cards, insufficient funds, and more. Till now, this meant manually checking customer records in Stripe and spending time and effort chasing customers. Paythen makes this completely hassle-free and fully automated by sending your customers failed payment notifications every time an attempt fails. This email includes a handy link to update their card details.

    You, or other admins on your Paythen account can choose to be notified too. You can toggle these settings via your Paythen dashboard.

    Read more about failed payments in Paythen.


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  • 15 February 2021

    Better multi-currency plan reports

    Paythen makes it easy to offer plans in any currency you want. However having different currencies can make it harder for you to understand reports and compare different plans with each other. Paythen now makes this way easier for you.

    If you have a plan that’s not in your base currency, we’ll automatically show you converted values in plan level reports as well as on your dashboard so you can more easily understand how your plans are performing.

    Read more about currency conversions in Paythen.

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  • 09 November 2020

    Page views & conversion rates in plan reports

    You can now see unique page views for each of your plans via the plan report. We also use the page view count to calculate the conversion rate from view to paying customers/purchases. For payment plans, we also show you the revenue per page view as a guide. This gives you more insight into how your plans are performing over time.

    Read more detail and understand how these metrics are calculated here.

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  • 06 November 2020

    Plan-level reports for Subscriptions & Once-off

    Till now, plan level reports were only available for the Pay your way and Payment plan product types. Now you can get the key insights you need for all 4 plan types in Paythen. The reports are available for all existing and new plans you create. Quickly see the key metrics for your plans as well as a pre-filtered view showing customers on the plan for easier administration.

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  • 30 October 2020

    Custom fields sent as metadata to Stripe

    We’ve improved the metadata we send to your Stripe account. For any plans with custom fields, when a customer signs up, we now include their answers as metadata in the customer and subscription records in your Stripe account. This is useful if you have or want to set up integrations with your Stripe data. Eg: From your Stripe account to your CRM system for example. Read more here.

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  • 24 October 2020

    Let customers self-cancel their subscription

    Till now, your customers could not cancel their own subscriptions or payment plans in Paythen. This meant they had to reach out to you, and you had to manually cancel their subscription for them. If you have a large customer base, this can add up to dozens of hours a week.

    With self-cancellation now optional on all subscriptions, payment plans and pay your way plans, you can now let your customers cancel their own plans 24 x 7 without having to reach out to you.

    This is completely optional and controlled at a plan-level. If you’d prefer to manage cancellations, leave this option off when creating or editing a plan. Read more about how to enable this option here.

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  • 23 October 2020

    Invisible custom fields & url parameters

    You can now pre-fill all the fields in your payment pages using url parameters. This includes “invisible” custom fields on your payment pages. This makes it more powerful and seamless to send customers to the Paythen payment page from another system or form, with their info already pre-filled. It also makes it easier to track marketing sources and campaigns by passing these values to invisible fields on your payment pages via url parameters.

    Read more about using url parameters here, and custom fields here.

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  • 19 October 2020

    Custom fields make your payment pages more flexible

    Instead of being restricted to the default fields in your Paythen payment pages, you can now ask for any additional info you need from customers with seamlessly integrated custom fields. Custom fields add much more flexibility to how you can use Paythen. Combined with url parameters and the ability to make custom fields invisible, you get powerful tracking and pre-filling functionality that makes using Paythen even better.

    Just switch on the custom fields toggle in your plan creation screen to start. Read more about using custom fields here.

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  • 15 October 2020

    Show/hide old Stripe customers in Paythen

    Got a lot of old customers in your Stripe account? They are now hidden by default in your Paythen dashboard – this increases load times as well as makes the customers page visually less cluttered for you. Need to see old customers? Easy, just toggle them on via your dashboard.


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  • 02 October 2020

    Archive plans to prevent new sign-ups

    Sometimes you want to prevent new sign ups to a plan or subscription that already has other customers signed up. Maybe you’re full up or just need to temporarily pause sign ups. This is now just one click away with Paythen.

    Want to re-open it? Easily done. You can archive plans in Paythen which has no impact on existing customers and reports, while preventing new sign ups. Potential customers that go to the payment page for an archived plan are instead shown a simple page like this with your support email.


    If you re-activate a plan, the payment page becomes visible again immediately. Read more about archiving here.

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Key features

Paythen is designed to improve your customer payment experience and conversions while giving you powerful and simple features to understand and improve your business. Here are some of the key features, but the best way to see if it works for you is to try it with a free 14 day trial.

Easy payment plans

Offer your customers a buy now, pay later option set by you, to increase conversions and sales.

No-code, no-fuss setup

Once you connect your Stripe account, it takes under a minute to get started using Paythen.

Four payment types

Offer subscriptions, payment plans, once-off payments or an option between payment plans & once-off.

Easy payment links

An easy to share payment link that works on any website and any device - matching your brand.

Flexible discount codes

Offer seasonal discounts & promotions with flexible discount codes that work on all plan types.

Integrate with other apps

Send Paythen data to over 3,000 other apps with our Zapier integration.

Automated reminders & emails

We automatically send handy reminders before payments & follow-ups if a payment fails.

Encourage early repayments

Offer customers on a payment plan an easy way to repay early at any time – increasing your cashflow.

Payment plans or subscriptions

End charges after a set number of payments or continue indefinitely. Choose what works for you

Change payment info easily

Your customers can change their card info anytime they want, with zero time spent by your team.

Customer summaries

Your customers want to know what they’ve paid, and how much they owe. Now they can.

Payment receipts

Reduce support time spent sending customers copies of their receipts. All receipts available to them 24 x 7.

Get powerful, simple insights

Useful, easy to understand reports at the company, product and customer level.

Custom branding

Easily change the colors and logos shown on customer facing pages and some emails.

Flexible billing intervals & more

Choose any billing interval you can think of, add a setup fee, trial period and lots more for each product.

We get paid when you do

With our simple, low 1.25% fee, we only get paid when you do. No fixed or hidden fees. No fees during your free trial either.

Many payment methods

Let your customers pay with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, plus region-specific cards like Discover & UnionPay.

We’re getting better every day

With regular updates based on your feedback, Paythen constantly gets better and more useful for you and your customers.

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