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Supercharge your workflow by sending Paythen data to over 3,000 apps with Zapier – including Slack, Gmail, Google Sheets & more. We’ve highlighted some popular ones below. To get started, search for Paythen when setting up the trigger in your Zapier account, or go here. For WooCommerce, go here.

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  • 1. How do integrations work in Paythen?

    Paythen has some direct integrations – a native WordPress plugin that lets you offer Paythen in minutes on your WooCommerce store (more), a companion product called Cardivo (built by us) that lets you offer digital gift cards that are redeemable on your Paythen plan pages, WooCommerce store or even manually for other scenarios (more).

    For Shopify, because of API access limitations imposed by Shopify, there is an email-based workflow that sends customers an eamil with their payment plan link once they check out. Read more on that here.

    For all other integrations and workflows, we have our fully featured and constantly improving Zapier app that lets you send data from Paythen into other systems, or lets you send custom payment plan links via email based on actions in your other systems. Using our Zapier app, you can send data to and trigger payment plans from over 6,000 other tools so most workflows you can envision are available.

    At the moment, Paythen does not have an open, publicly accessible API. If this is something you're interested in, let us know via the chat icon as that helps as prioritize future features better.

  • 2. How can I see Paythen in Zapier?

    You'll see Paythen just like other apps when you log into your Zapier account and start setting up a zap. You can also go to this page to get started with Paythen and Zapier. If you have any questions or issues, we're here to help.

  • 3. Need a hand with Paythen integrations? We’re here to help.

    We’ll help you get your Paythen <> Zapier workflows & zaps set up to get data into any other Zapier app. Just message us via the chat icon, or send us an email and we’ll help you get your integrations sorted.

  • 4. What is Zapier? How does it work?

    Zapier is a tool that lets you send data between over 3,000 popular tools, in minutes, and with no code. At Paythen we've been using Zapier for many years to automate repetitive tasks, send data from one tool to another, get notifications where we want them, and so much more.

    With Paythen's Zapier app, you can send customer data you've collected in Paythen, to any other tool you use, from Google sheets, Gmail, Slack, CRM systems and thousands of others. Here's an intro to Zapier to get started.

    If you're new to Zapier, get ready to be blown away! Zapier will make you and your business 10x more productive.

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